Spelling for week of Dec. 10

Lesson 15

Easily misspelled words                                                Bonus Words

person                  different                                             weird

sure                       palm                                                    important

touch                    awhile                                                 quiet

tropical                answer                                               sentence

young                  mountain                                          because

island                  remember

built                     camera


Homework: write (cursive) or type words 5X each

Wednesday: workbook pages 68, 69, 70, 71

What’s Happening Week of December 3

Things to Know:

  • Holiday Program – Friday, Dec. 5th at 2:00 pm in the student center.
  • Holiday Gift-Giving Program – Youth on Their Own – until December 17th. Thanks to those parents who have already contributed to this worthy cause.
  • Last day of school before break: Friday, December 21st.

I will not be here on Friday, December 21st.  Ms. Julie O’Shell will be my sub. My kids are coming in from out-of-town  on Thursday, Dec. 20th.  🙂


• We are doing a cute ‘Twelve Days of Christmas  math activity. Students are determining the number and costs of gifts over the 12 days. They are multiplying and adding larger numbers which tests their number-sense skills.

• They were asked to look for patterns and find different ways to add the numbers.

• They will also be exploring purchasing a set of the gifts and implementing subtracting skills.


• We are almost done our Elf on the Shelf story.  The goal was to write about a naughty elf using figurative language and lots of action.


• We have completed Balto with one loose end to tie up. Please look for your child’s Balto responses in their Eagle Express today.  I always give feedback so your child understands how to improve.  At times, my feedback is verbal as I make observational assessments when assisting the students.

• We will be reading Sign of the Beaver after the Christmas break.

• In the meantime, students are reading short stories and pieces from the Treasures Anthology.

• Students should be reading for about 30 minutes every night for their book log. It’s important to read aloud every night to build fluency and speed.


• We continue to practice ‘possessive’ nouns, and the spelling rule of doubling a consonant to keep a vowel short when adding suffixes ‘ed’ and ‘ing’.  Shop – shopped – shopping/brag-bragged-bragging, etc.  We also continue to learn about irregular past-tense verbs.  For example:  has written, had given, etc.  These verbs change completely when paired with the helping verb has, had, and have.

• Students practiced the above-noted skills on whiteboards.  Not everything we do in class is ‘paper driven’.



What’s Happening Week of November 26

Things to Know:

Religion Project – Family Tree – Due Friday, Dec. 14.  If you have any questions about this project, please direct them to Mother Clare.

World Map Project: Due Wednesday, Dec. 19.  The students have been shown an example, which is hanging outside my classroom door.

St. Nicholas Concert: Friday, December 7 at 2 pm in the gym.  Please read Dr. Antista’s emails about dress requirements.

Book Log for November – due this Friday, November 30. Please make sure you sign-off on your child’s reading and they add up the total pages read.  Thanks.

Our Lady of Guadalupe – Friday, December 14 – Chapel (9:42 a.m.)

As you can see, there are a lot of events and projects due prior to the Christmas break.  Students need to plan and organize their time in order to complete their assignments.

Social Studies Test – Southwest – Tuesday, December 11 – A Study Guide will be given.


• We continue to work on division and understanding how to interpret the remainder using authentic situations.

• We will learn about area and perimeter.


• We continue to hone our skills to paint a clear picture by using figurative language in our writing.  Students are writing a creative story for Christmas.  Ask them what they are writing about.


• We have completed Balto and finishing up comprehension questions.  Students will be synthesizing their reading by answering the question: “What does it mean to be a hero?”.

• Our next book is Sign of the Beaver.

Social Studies:

• We have finally completed our Southwest unit (yeah). A test will be given on Tuesday, December 11.  A study guide will be given out today.  I will give the students time to begin study notecards in class.

Grammar Focus:

• Verb tenses, possessives, compound words, sentence structure (always!)




Students have been working on recording their Materials and Procedures in their science fair journals, and many students are finished way before our due date of November 30. We looked at examples of  what makes a “good” and “bad” list of materials, (i.e. instead of putting that you need ‘water’, be specific – distilled, purified, tap, etc.).    Here is a helpful website we refer to:  Click on Project Guides to see the samples we look at.  http://www.sciencebuddies.org

4th graders have been doing STEM challenges once a week to see the Scientific Method in action.

  • How long of a paper chain can you make out of one piece of paper?
  • How many drops of water can fit on a penny?  Does one side hold more than the other?
  • Can you fit your whole body through a 3×5 index card?

….and what exactly IS Magic Sand??   We will find out after Thanksgiving Break!


Current Event due Friday, November 30



Spelling for week of November 26

There will be no spelling next week since it’s Thanksgiving break.  The next test and homework will be due the week of November 26.

Lesson 13

model                local

royal                  jewel

cotton               capital

central              travel

custom            normal

flavor                natural

towel                lemon





Continental Divide

transcontinental railroad



Tuesday: write/type words alphabetical order

Wed. Workbook pages: 58, 59, 60, 61

Thursday: Workbook review pages: 62, 63

What’s Happening Week of November 13


Canned Food Drive

Don’t forget to donate to the canned food drive which ends Monday, November 19th. Thanks to those who have already donated money or food.


• We continue learning division and working on more complex problems that include remainders.

• We will be learning how to interpret the remainder later on.

• Accuracy, neatness, and knowing multiplication facts play a key role in math success.


• We continue to work on word choice. We will be learning about ‘show me’ details and not just ‘telling’.

Example: Tell me – The baby cried.

Show me – The baby’s face turned beet red, her fists were clenched tight, and tears streamed down her face.

• Show me details paint a clearer picture in the reader’s mind.


• We continue to read Balto and answer comprehension questions.  Students will be synthesizing the information to explain “What makes a hero?”  Is Balto a hero?  Why or why not?

• I hope to have Balto completed before Thanksgiving break.

Social Studies:

• We are sharing out our Arizona reports.  These will be graded for the 2nd trimester.

• We will be returning to the Southwest soon.  At this point, we may never leave the Southwest :(.


• We are learning about verb tenses and helping verbs. We are practicing verb/subject agreement skills.

• We are learning about irregular past-tense verbs – catch – caught, etc.

• We continue to identify when to use possessive nouns v.s. plurals.


Spelling – week of November 13

These words are for Friday, November 16th.  It is Lesson 12.

Students will have a test on Lesson 11 Words on Tuesday, November 13.  These

words were to be given on Friday but changed due to Field Day.

Lesson 12

curve                hurry

heard                surge

worry                expert

further             search

perfect            purpose

worth              certain

return            thirsty


Bonus Words:

assembly line





Sort and write words according to their er, ear, ir, or, ur spelling

WEDNESDAY: Workbook pages 54, 55, 56, 57

What’s Happening Week of November 5

Field Day:  Friday is a 1/2 day – All students participate in Field Day and receive a t-shirt which I will give out Friday morning. They must wear sneakers and PE shorts or other  appropriate shorts.  Sunscreen, hat, water bottle are highly recommended.  They can change into their t-shirts on the morning of Field Day.

Monday, November 12 – NO SCHOOL

Tuesday: November 13 – Spelling test on Lesson 11 – OR words


• We have begun learning about division.  Students need to know their fast facts in order to be successful.


• We are learning about Muscle Verbs and word choice.  These skills allows students to write more specific details that paint a clear picture in the reader’s mind.

• We are currently writing to our pen pals in Pennsylvania, and I hope to have the letters mailed out by next week.


• We continue our book Balto with comprehension questions.  Students are reading each chapter aloud with their Kindness Partner to build fluency and speed.

Social Studies:

• We continue to learn about the Southwest and note-taking skills.

• I hope to have a Southwest assessment prior to Thanksgiving break.  Stay tuned.


• Our focus is verb tenses, as well as irregular past-tense verbs.

• We continue to learn about possessive nouns.



Spelling for Week of November 5

Apparently, I forgot to update the spelling list.

port                explore

force              record

source            border

support         landform

chore            history

report          fort

course       order

BONUS WORDS: pioneer, survey, migration, entrepreneur, assembly line

Tuesday: alphabetical order

Wed: workbook pages 50, 51, 52, 53

What’s Happening Week of Oct. 29

Things to Know:

Friday, November 2 – Day of the Dead Chapel 9:42 a.m.

Thursday, November 8 – Must-Know Words Spelling Test.

Friday, November 9, Field Day – 1/2 day of school.  Noon dismissal.


• We have completed our unit on multiplication for now but will spiral back with homework and some class work from time to time. This will help students maintain practice and solidify computation.

• We had an assessment on multiplication.  Not sure if I will have it graded today for the Eagle Express – will do my best.

• We learned how to multiply 3 X 2 numbers.

• As extension work, all fourth graders can work on Dynamath.  This magazine pairs reading with math.  It’s authentic learning that builds math understanding, as well as reading comprehension.

• Our next unit is division.  Please make sure your child is practicing their math facts if they are still unsure of them.  It is so important when learning the steps of division.


• We are reading Balto and answering comprehension questions.  Overarching questions: “What makes an individual a hero?” “Why do we celebrate heroes?”.

• The students will be reading this book aloud with their Kindness partner in order to build fluency, speed, and decoding skills.


• We completed our letters to Judy Blume and they were mailed off to her publisher.

• We completed our Haunted House descriptive story. The goal was to write a descriptive piece using adjectives and similes – to paint a picture in the reader’s mind.

• We will begin learning more about word choice – verbs, ‘show me’ details, idioms, and metaphors.

• Students continue to work on sentence structure and spelling. These are two weak areas that require practice and focus for success.

• Fingers crossed we get to write a letter to our pen pals in Pennsylvania. Students will be writing to a 4th grade class at Unionville Elementary School in Kennett Square, PA.  I taught there for a year.    The painter, Andrew Wyeth, resided in the area and many of his paintings reflect the beauty of Chester County.   Some of his original art hangs in  Unionville’s sister school, Chadds Ford Elementary (I worked there, too).

Social Studies:

• We are practicing how to take notes from our Social Studies reading.  Students are learning not to write word-for-word but use bullet points noting important details and the main idea of the text.  I want students to understand the ‘big picture’ of how the United States was settled over time across the regions and to identify common/overarching themes.


• We are learning about verb tenses, spelling verbs correctly that end in a ‘y’ or ‘f’.   Also, we are identifying when to double consonants to keep vowels short when changing a verb tense.  Ex: jog = jogged, jogging: stop = stopped, stopping. These spelling rules help with decoding, too.

• We learned about possessive nouns (plural and singular).

• Grammar is visited every time we write and during our morning warm-ups.