“Must Know” Spelling Words

Here is a list of  ‘Must Know” spelling words.  I will be  giving your child an assessment on these words in the near future.  Stay tuned for a date.

finally                         usually

thorough                   every

through                     very

thought                     any

because                    different

once                         certain

known                     friend

quit                          question

quiet                       answer

quite                       important

again                      about

Spelling Words – October 22

Long O Words

over           swallow

broke         notice

motion       spoke

below         croak

choke          propose

stolen          hollow

noble           although


Bonus words:


Civil War


civil rights



Tuesday: Categorize words according to their spelling

Wednesday: pages 40, 41, 42, 43

What’s Happening Week of Oct. 15

Welcome back everyone. I hope you had a fun and relaxing week away from school.


• We have begun our unit on multiplication.  Your child must know their multiplication facts in order to be successful with multiplication and division – which comes next.


• We have completed our expository writing on Pueblo pottery.  Students will be doing an art piece to go with their text.  Please note that I keep all the final copies of writing and the children get it back at the end of the year in a portfolio.  Rough drafts are sent home after I look at them and give a grade.

• We will be learning about ‘word choice’, ‘muscle verbs’, synonyms, antonyms, and idioms.


• We have finished Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing.  Our final comprehension piece is writing a letter to the author Judy Bloom.

Social Studies:

• We continue to research for our Arizona project. Most students have almost completed their research.

• Students are working on their ‘interactive’ notebook for the Southwest.

• We will continue learning about the Southwest and regions of the United States.

• Students complete a map of the regions with states and capitals. It is color-coded for easy reference.

• For each region, students are given a short assessment on the states and capitals of the region we are studying.


• We have begun learning about irregular plurals, and will soon be learning about past-tense verbs and possessive nouns.




Spelling week of Oct. 15

Long I words

price          lightning

mild             quite

supply         bicycle

fight             decide

invite           library

surprise       drive

private        divide


Bonus Words:


Industrial Revolution





TUESDAY: Put words in alphabetical order

WEDNESDAY: workbook pages 36, 37, 38, 39

What’s Happening Week of October 1

Progress Reports:

Progress Reports go home Friday. Please be on the lookout for your child’s report.


• Students learned about patterns in multiplication.

• We will be learning about estimation when multiplying.  As a rule, we estimate to the highest place value to simplify the multiplication.


• We continue to read and answer questions on Tales of A Fourth Grade Nothing. We have almost completed this book.  Please look for a graded set of comprehension questions in your child’s Eagle Express today.  Students continue to struggle with restating the question, answering in their own words, then giving evidence from the book to support their answer.


• We continue to research about Pueblo pottery.  This will be our last week for research and we will write our expository paragraphs when we return from break.

• It’s critical that students learn to paraphrase information and not write their research word-for-word.  This is a huge learning curve.  They must understand what they read and put it in their own words.

Social Studies:

• We are beginning to learn about the Southwest.

• Students will be completing a project about Arizona.  All the research will be done in class.

Spelling for Week of Oct. 1

Long E words

steam        reason

sweet        breathe

honey         field

shield         beast

treat           valley

screech       species

least         monkey


Bonus Words






Tuesday: sort and write words according to their spelling

Wednesday: workbook pages 32, 33, 34, 35

What’s Happening Week of Sept. 24


• We just finished learning about exponents and factoring to Prime. This sets us up for learning how to reduce and compare fractions.

• We began learning about the ‘distributive property’ or partial products as a multiplication strategy.  Partial products means breaking numbers into their ‘place value’ and multiplying each value by the factor.  In many cases, this makes multiplication simpler and many students can determine the product mentally.


• We completed our personal narrative.

• We will begin learning about and researching Pueblo/ Anasazi pottery.

• Students will be learning how to distinguish a valid website, paraphrase facts/information and organize information.

• They will continue to practice conventions, sentence structure, and writing main idea sentences for paragraphs.


• We continue to read and discuss Tales of A Fourth Grade Nothing, as well as Scholastic News.

• We practiced how to restate a question in an answer.  The students were supplied with questions and had to restate them on their whiteboards.  They learned to omit the ‘question word’ and rewrite the sentence as  declarative.  Many did not do this on their Scholastic News question section.

• Answering comprehension questions is an area that requires a lot of practice and focus. Students are expected to restate the question, answer the question in their own words (to show understanding of the topic) and then give text evidence to support their answer.  We work on these skills all year long.

Social Studies:

• The landform test is tomorrow.  Students will have to draw the landform, give an example of the landform found in the United States, and match the definition with the landform.

• Next week, we will begin learning about the Southwest with a focus on Arizona. Students will not have a book report next month. They will be doing a research project on Arizona.  The research will be done in class and the final project completed at home.  Stay tuned for the information sheet.

Spelling for week of Sept. 24

I apologize for the lateness of the update.

Long A Words

steak         brave

plain        escape

agent          paper

weight       neighbor

amaze       trace

danger       cable

brain        behave



Tuesday: alphabetical order – cursive please

Wednesday: Workbook pages 28, 29, 30, 31


Next week students will learn that minerals are the pure substances that make up rocks. They will  investigate four unknown minerals, record observations, and learn that color is not enough to identify them. Hardness is introduced as a property that can help identify a mineral. Students perform scratch tests, compare hardness, and identify minerals (calcite, fluorite, quartz, and gypsum) and learn more about Moh’s Scale.

Detailed information on our Science Fair will go home this week.  It is on YELLOW PAPER and should be kept somewhere safe because it has due dates on it for the assignments they will complete for their project.  Projects will be done in class, but anything unfinished will be homework and must be turned in on the due date.

What’s Happening Week of Sept. 17

Things to know:

Tuesday, Sept. 25 Class Picture Day.  Students must wear red and khaki.

Wednesday, Sept. 26 – Individual Picture Day – free dress.

Sibling Pictures: Wednesday, Sept. 26 at 7:30 a.m.


• We had a short assessment on rounding up to the millions place value.

• We are learning about factors, prime/composite numbers, and prime factorization.

• Our next unit is exponents.

• It is imperative that your child know his/her math facts.  Math concepts become extremely difficult when a student continues to struggle with multiplication facts. Please have your child practice math facts if they are not solid in this area.


• We continue to read Tales of A Fourth Grade Nothing and answer comprehension questions, as well as determine important events in each chapter.

• Students are given the opportunity to read with their ‘kindness’ partner. Reading aloud develops fluency and ensures that students stop to decode.

• Students have completed two Scholastic News quizzes and long answer questions. Scholastic News is part of a student’s reading grade.  Several students did not complete pieces of the assigned work and this will be reflected in their grade.  They were given ample opportunity to finish their work.  Every week I assign a ‘catch up’ time of over 45 minutes for students to complete unfinished work.  After that, they have the choice to take the work home and complete it or come in at lunch.  This is a learning curve for some students.


• We continue to learn about writing solid sentences and focused details. We have almost completed our first personal narrative.

• Writing takes a lot of time and the process is slow at the beginning of the year. Things will improve as students get the hang of expectations and their writing skills develop.

Social Studies:

• We continue to learn and discuss landforms.

• We learned about a compass rose, maps, and completed a map of the World.

• There will be a social studies test on landforms next Thursday, Sept. 27th. A study guide will be given.