Spelling Week of Feb. 25

This is a review week so there are more workbook pages to be completed.

Lesson 22

except .                     exert

example                   exercise

exciting                    exhausted

exactly                     excellent

extend                     expensive

expect                    extremely

excuse                   explain


Bonus Words:







Tuesday, Feb. 26 – alphabetical order, cursive or type

Wednesday, Feb. 27, Workbook pages 98, 99, 100, 101

Thursday, Feb. 28 – Workbook pages 102, 103 REVIEW

What’s Happening Week of Feb. 11

Things to Know:

• Thursday, Feb. 14  – Valentine’s Day – Free Dress Day

• Friday, Feb. 15 – Crazy socks day – students are required to wear their uniform.  The socks may be fun or silly.

• DUE: FEB. 15 – Triptych Book Report

• FRIDAY – FEB. 15 – Sign of the Beaver Vocabulary Quiz. This will be matching a definition to the word.


• We are learning how to estimate and multiply decimals. Students are also learning to multiply whole numbers by decimals and where to place the decimal.


• We will be writing another personal narrative focusing on a time when we were afraid, excited, or learned something important.  Focus goal: ‘show me’ details, sentence fluency, organization.


• We continue to read and discuss Sign of the Beaver. We will be discussing types of conflict and character comparison.

Social Studies:

• TEST: States and Capitals – Southeast – WED., FEB. 27th.

• Students will be creating a ‘state’ poster advertising the important sites and landmarks to visit. They will focus on ‘persuasive’ language to encourage visitors to their state.


• We are focusing on pronouns, subject/verb agreement, and sentence structure.




On Wednesday this week, we will be having a celebration in the morning to recognize our efforts in the science fair.  We will be having bagels/cream cheese and juice.

We are starting our new unit Energy and Electromagnetism today, and I know it will be good to get back to doing labs.

Thank you all for a successful science fair.



Spelling for week of Feb. 11

Words with the /S/ Sound                        Bonus Words

silent          select .                                       economics

suit           circus                                        climate

special        office .                                  global

sorry         sentence .                             character

notice         balance .                            frontier

ceiling       celebrate




Tuesday: put words in alphabetical order

Wed: Workbook: pages 94, 95, 96, 97

What’s Happening Week of Feb. 4

Thanks to all the parents who volunteered to chaperone our Pima Air and Space Museum field trip.  We read about the Wright Brothers prior to our visit so students could have some background knowledge about the history of flight.

Things to Know:

• students will be visited by the Tucson Symphony tomorrow.  This is a wonderful opportunity to become more familiar with particular instruments within a small setting.  It gives students a preview and understanding of potential instruments they may want to play in our school band.

Friday, Feb. 8 – Stem Night – 5:30 to 7:30. There will be food trucks and of course, 4th grade science fair boards will be showcased.

Spirit Week:


Thursday, Feb. 14 – Valentine’s Day – Relaxed Dress. Valentine’s dress if desired.

Friday, Feb. 15 -crazy socks day. Students are required to wear their uniforms on this day.

Valentine’s Day Party

Students will be permitted to exchange Valentine’s with 4B.  A class list was sent via email. We will be exchanging Valentines at the end of the day on Thursday and a small treat will be provided.  Students need to supply their own bags or boxes to hold Valentines. They may exchange candy/chocolates.


• We have almost completed our unit on decimals. We have learned how to estimate in order to add or subtract more easily.  This is especially important when working with money.

• Our next unit is fractions with some area and perimeter thrown in!


• We have finished editing/revising our Pennsylvania papers and have begun writing back to our pen pals in PA.  Students had to share a couple of things they learned with their pen pals.  Students type the letters which is great keyboarding practice.

• We have focused on the organizational trait of writing.

• We will be learning and writing about the Civil War.

• I am noodling on another personal narrative – stay tuned.  I haven’t come up with a ‘brilliant’ idea yet!


• We continue to read and discuss Sign of the Beaver.

• We will compare and contrast the two characters – Attean and Matt, as well as delve into the different types of conflict within the book.

• Students will have a vocabulary test on Sign of the Beaver on Monday, Feb. 18th.  I will give them the words they are required to learn.  It will be matching definitions.

Social Studies:

• We have begun reading about the Southeast and taking vocabulary notes.  Students will learn more about the Civil War.

• Students will create a ‘travel poster’ on a specific Southeast State. They will be required to list three landmarks and three points of interest.  Students will learn about ‘advertising’ or persuasive language to promote their state.

Spelling Week of Feb. 8

Lesson 20 – c, k, ck

junk .          creaky

socket         attack

carpet          plastic

kangaroo     racket

corner          attic

picnic          hockey

ticket         candle


Homework: Tuesday: sort words by their ‘k’ spelling: (write or type)

Wednesday: pages 90,91, 92, 93

What’s Happening Week of Jan. 28

Things to Know:

Thursday, Jan. 31 – Field Trip to Pima Air and Space Museum. Students should be back by our lunch time.  Your child needs to wear khaki and red for the field trip.

Thursday, Jan. 31 – Book Log Due – please make sure your child adds up the pages read.  🙂

Friday, Feb. 1 – Casa Maria Eggs – please have your child bring in one-dozen hard-boiled eggs for Casa Maria.

Feb. 4 – Monday, Edible Car Race. Information is on-line and a flyer is coming home today in the Eagle Express.

Friday, Feb. 8 – Stem Night – 5:30 to 7:30 pm.


• We continue to learn about decimals.  Students are grasping the concept.Their errors occur during addition and subtraction calculations, or adding up the numbers correctly.


• We are learning about organization and will be applying this skill when we complete our research about Pennsylvania.  I expect the kids to begin writing their rough drafts this week.


• We continue with Sign of the Beaver and comprehension. There will be a vocabulary test coming up and I will inform you of the date soon.

Social Studies:

• We have learned the state and capitals of the Southeast and I hope to get deeper into this region by next week.


Students continue to have difficulty completing their spelling homework on the due date.  My homework is always the same: Tuesday = word work and Wednesday, the workbook pages are due.  Occasionally, for a review lesson, workbook pages are due on Thursday. I give the spelling homework on Friday so there is a heads-up on what is expected. It’s also on my Blog.  At this point, I really don’t have answers.  I remind students every day to bring home their spelling.  I make sure the workbook is  on their desk to take home.  So I am waving the ‘white flag’ –  I need your assistance.  Just so you are aware, students come in at lunch to complete any missed homework.  Frankly, I am tired of having lunch dates. 🙁


• We are focusing on adverbs and when to use “I v.s. Me”.

• We continue to work on sentence structure and conventions every day within writing assignments.


Science Fair Project

Almost there!! The fourth graders worked very hard last week (Wednesday and Friday) assembling their project boards. Teachers and Mr. Sullivan have been by to check out the progress and we even had a dad stop by, roll up his sleeves and pitch in last Friday! Thank you Mr Wilson!!

Our original calendar states that we would be presenting this week but some students haven’t finished. We worked on the boards again today and if they didn’t finish they were instructed to take their boards home to finish and have completed by Wednesday, 1/30. Students were encouraged to take any classroom supplies they needed to finish their project. Students saw lots of examples of completed science fair project boards; for more ideas check out www.sciencebuddies.org or the SARSEF Website


Science Fair week February 4-8

STEM Night February 8 – Boards will be on display and winners announced

What’s Happening Week of Jan. 22

Things to Know:

• Congratulations to Carl Neher. He placed Third in the Spelling Bee and  Anthony Son placed Fifth.  Great job gentlemen!  You proudly represented class 4B.

• Little Mermaid this weekend.  You can purchase tickets on-line.

• Friday, Jan. 25 – Free Dress Day

• Thursday, Jan. 31 – 1/2 day Field Trip to Pima Air and Space Museum.

• Thursday, Jan. 31 – Northeast Social Studies Test.

• Friday, Feb. 1 – Casa Maria Eggs.  Please have your child bring in 1 dozen hard-boiled eggs.  Sandwiches are made for the less fortunate.


• Students are working on their science board presentations in science class.  Please make sure they have the materials they need.


• We continue to read Sign of the Beaver and discuss the relationship between early white settlers and Native Americans. This book provides an interesting account of US Westward Expansion and government Land Grants.  Students gain a better understanding of the struggles of both White Settlers and Native Americans.

• We are back to reading Scholastic News.  I took a break because I felt we were all a little fatigued of the stories and questions.


• Students are writing the final draft of their ‘immigrant’ diary.  They are doing a really nice job and taking pride in their work.  Presentation is an important part of the writing process.

• We will work on organization.

• Students will research and write about Pennsylvania – another expository story. We will learn that all research begins with questions.

• We received a reply from our Pen Pals in Pennsylvania.  Students will be writing back shortly after they have learned more about PA.  The Pen Pals are from Unionville Elementary School in Unionville, PA.  There is a lot of rich history in this area especially with the Revolutionary War.  Both my children attended Unionville and I also worked there while receiving my teaching degree.

Social Studies:

• We will begin our next Region, The Southeast, this week.  Students will complete the Southeast section of their map and list the states and capitals.


• We are learning about adverbs and how they can add clarity to our writing.


• We had a short quiz on decimals.  Students seem to be grasping  decimal concepts.