What’s Happening Week of Jan. 20

This weekend is the debut of our school play  Into the Woods.  The students have worked diligently and I look forward to seeing their efforts tonight.  BREAK A LEG!

The Math-A-Thon Kick-off is next Friday.  Fourth graders will be completing a long division assessment.  Look for information coming soon in your child’s Eagle Express, and  thanks, in advance, for supporting this worthy cause.

Friday, February 7th is Stem Night.  This promises to be a fun-filled evening of Science and Engineering wonders.

Friday, February 7th – We will be traveling in the morning to see the play Miss Nelson Has a Field Day. We will return in time for lunch.

Valentine’s Day: Friday, February 14th.

Fourth grade will exchange Valentines in the afternoon.  They will need to bring in a bag or box to hold their Valentines.  Both classes will be exchanging Valentines and every student must be included.  I will send home class lists closer to the date.  Valentine’s Day is a low-key activity and a small treat will be provided.


We did a short assessment on place value, comparing numbers, addition and subtraction.  Students are quite comfortable with these concepts.  We will continue to spiral back and practice computation of larger digits in the 10,000’s.

We are learning about fractions and soon decimals.  Students will be adding, subtracting, comparing, and ordering fractions.


The kiddos are thoroughly enjoying  reading and discussing Sign of the Beaver.  We will be looking at how characters change over time, character comparisons, and theme.  Students continue to summarize the chapters and draw a small visual representation.

In Storyworks, students evaluated story plot, character changes, summary, and cause and effect.  We are currently analyzing figurative language in a poem.


The skill of sentence fluency is so important to add clarity and interest to a story.  Students will be looking at several passages and revising for sentence fluency.  I have already worked on this skill with each student in all of  their writing so they are familiar with the term.

The students are loving writing about the ‘immigrant story’ in the form of a diary.  This is a highly engaging way to synthesize content with writing.  I have read some of the rough drafts and they are super cute!  Students have included ‘show me’ details,  internal thinking, and lots of voice!

Social Studies:

The students did very well on their Northeast social studies test.

We have begun learning about the Southeast and will be delving into the Civil War.  Students will also research a specific Southeast State and create a ‘travel’ poster with their details.

We will be having a states and capitals test on the Southeast on Thursday, February 6th.

I think that’s it for now.

Happy Weekend!


Whew!  4th graders worked very hard on their project boards this week; I can’t wait to see them all on display in the Student Center.   Mrs. Hawes came in to assist students on their chrome books this morning and I told the students I’m available at lunch if they want to come in.  I’m not usually available during Friday’s lunchtime, but 3rd grades are on a field trip today.   I did not know play students are leaving at noon today, but it works out that they can take their boards home to put on some finishing touches.


Have a wonderful weekend.



It’s time to put our boards together!
Please have your student bring in any materials they want to use to put on their science boards for tomorrow’s science class.  (Science boards have a black background).

Some students have expressed that they would like their graphs/data in color and will print their information at home.  If students want to print their information at home, that is fine.  I will have available to them:

boards, glue, construction/colored paper,  and some letters (not full sets).


We will be presenting our boards next week to our peers.  Please contact me if you have any questions:




What’s Happening Week of Jan. 13th

January seems to be flying by!  The students continue to be great motivated learners and active participants in their success.  4B ROCKS!

We had a wonderful visit from the Tucson Symphony Brass Quintet yesterday. They played a lot of familiar tunes and discussed how music unites all people.

Finally, it has been a pleasure to discuss your child’s progress at our conferences.  Thanks for supporting your child’s education.

Things to Know:

• Nurse Huff will be giving a Human Growth and Development Class for the girls and boys sometime in April or Early May.  Instruction will be given separately for the boys and girls.  The content is mostly about hygiene and body changes.  Nurse Huff will be providing an info sheet prior to the class.

Wed. Jan. 22 – Northeast Test.  A study guide was given, as well as all the notes required for the test.

Friday, Feb. 7th – 4th grade will be attending the play “Miss Nelson Has a Field Day.  We will be leaving by bus in the morning and returning for lunch.

Friday, Feb. 7th is also Stem Night. Stay tuned for further information.


We are working on place value, addition, and subtraction of larger numbers (into the ten thousands). We continue to practice multiplication and division.


We have completed our research and writing about Pennsylvania. Students had the opportunity to type up their reports to practice keyboarding skills.

We will be learning about sentence fluency and writing about immigration.


We continue to read and discuss Sign of the Beaver.  There is a wonderful correlation between the events in this book and our social studies curriculum.  Students are required to write brief summaries of each chapter and sketch a visual.

We continue to practice understanding  inference, cause and effect, and summarizing using Storyworks.

Social Studies:

We have begun the Southeast region.  Students will be looking deeper into the Civil War.

What’s Happening week of Jan. 6

Happy New Year.  It’s a new decade with new goals and new beginnings.  The students have been focused and working diligently this week.    To review some grammar, we played a game called “I Have, Who Has”.  We reviewed nouns, verbs, synonyms, and compound words.  The kiddos were totally into it!

We also learned when to properly use I v.s. Me.  Using these pronouns can be tricky but there are a couple of strategies that help determine their usage.

TEST: Social studies – Northeast – Wednesday, Jan. 22.  Students were given a study guide, as well as all the notes required for the assessment.

Things to know:

Into the Woods – Get your tickets on line for this wonderful performance.   See the calendar for play dates/times.

Math-A-Thon – January 27 Kick-Off.  

The Math-A-Thon is returning.  This is an important fundraiser for the school.  Please look for information about it in your child’s Eagle Express in the latter part of January. It’s a great way to support St. Michael’s and your child is learning math at the same time.


We have completed our geometry unit and will be working with decimals and adding/subtracting larger numbers.  Students have a good handle on addition and subtraction.

Students did well on their geometry assessment. This unit provided a lot of hands-on learning and investigations.  They particularly enjoyed measuring angles.


Students have written, revised, and edited their Pennsylvania reports and many are in the typing stages.  They learned a lot about their Pen Pal’s state and the significance of Pennsylvania to the history of the United States.

We will be learning about sentence fluency and then on to another writing assignment!


We began reading The Sign of the Beaver. Students will be summarizing each chapter.  This exercise will help them determine and synthesize  important details.

Please have your child read aloud every night.  This practice builds fluency.

We will be working on summary and cause and effect using  the texts from Storyworks. 

Students continue to answer comprehension questions in all their reading.

Social Studies:

We will be moving on to the Southeast Region soon.  Students will be creating a travel poster of a Southeast state, as well as learning more about the Civil War.


Spelling Week of Jan. 13

Irregular Plurals   Lesson 16

leaf             leaves

calf            calves

life            lives

ox             oxen

wife          wives

half           halves

mouse       mice

wolf       wolves

thief      thieves

loaf         loaves

goose       geese

knife        knives

shelf      shelves

scarf       scarves



Happy New Year!

Student Data is due tomorrow, January 8.  In conferencing with students on Monday, I was so impressed by some of the data that had been collected.  We are in the process of typing all of our information up, and we will be graphing our data in class next week.

Coming up:

Completed by:   January 15 – data analysis

January 22 and 24 – putting boards together (look for information to come home regarding what students will need to bring to class)


                               Week of January 27 – Student Presentations!!!!!   Woot!